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1. About the Prophet.: Anyone who has ever seen me in a dream, then he really has seen me

* Hadith narrated by Abu Qatadah, he said:
I have heard the Messenger of Allah said: Dreams good (rukyah) that comes from God and nightmares (hilm) comes from the devil. So if one of you had a dream that is not fun, let him spit into the left side three times and seek refuge in Allah from the wickedness so that the dream will not harm it.
(Saheeh Muslim, No.4195)
    * Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah, he said:
From the Prophet that he said: When the apocalypse has been approached, the dream of a Muslim almost no lie. One dream of you close to the truth is most people dream of the most honest in speaking. Muslims dream is to include one of the forty-five parts of prophethood. The dream was divided into three groups: a good dream, that is good news that comes from God. A sad dream, that dream came from the devil. And the dreams that came from the promptings of self. If one of you had a dream that is not fun, then he should get up from bed and prayed and he should not tell the dream to others. He said: I'm glad when dreams are bound with ropes and do not like when a dream with neck chains. The rope is a symbol of constancy in religion. Abu Huraira said: I do not know if it includes the hadith or sayings of Ibn Sirin.
(Saheeh Muslim, No.4200)
    * Anas bin Malik, he said:
 Prophet said: Dreams of a believer is to include one of the forty six parts of prophethood. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4201)

    * Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra., He said:
Messenger of Allah. He said: He who sees me in a dream, then he really has seen me. Satan can not be transformed like me. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4206)

* Hadith narrated by Abu Qatadah ra., He said:
Messenger of Allah. He said: He who saw me in a dream, then he really see something right (right). (Saheeh Muslim, No.4208)

2. About the interpretation of dreams

    * Ibn Abbas narrated Hadith.:
      He told me that a man had come to the Messenger of Allah. and said: O Messenger of Allah! Actually I had a dream last night saw a cloud that samin oil and honey dripping. Then I see people lifted their hands in the drops are there who have much and some are just getting a little. Then I saw a rope stretched from heaven down to earth and then saw you holding the rope and then you go upstairs. Then there was a man holding a rope afther you, and went upstairs. There is also another man holding a rope, but disconnected, then connected again after, he went upstairs. Abu Bakr said: O Messenger of Allah! To you I sacrifice my father and for the sake of Allah, allow me to takwil about dream. Messenger of Allah. He said: Just takwil (explain) ! Abu Bakr said: The mean cloud a cloud of Islam. Precipitation in the form samin and honey is the Qur'an in terms of sweet and smooth. People who tipped his hand on the droplets mean that many people appreciate the contents of the Koran and that only a few a means gainst the Koran. The rope is connected from the heavens to the earth is the truth that you carry. You hold the string and then God made you with a rope. Then after you, there is a man who holds the rope and climbed up on the rope. There was another man who holds the rope and climbed up on the rope. And there's another man who holds the rope, but disconnected and connected again after he had just climbed to the top with a rope. Tell me, O Messenger of Allah! To you I sacrifice my father! According to you, whether my takwil it right or not? Messenger of Allah. He said: Some that you explain that there are right and some things go wrong. Furthermore, Abu Bakr said: By Allah, O Messenger of Allah, tell me where my fault! He said: You do not often swear. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4214)

3. Dream Prophet.

    * Hadith narrated by Abu Musa ra.:
From the Prophet. that he said: I never dreamed as if emigrated from Mecca to the city to a land of palm trees. I'm sure it is an area of Yamamah or Hajar region, but in fact it is an area of Medina who formerly called Yathrib. In this dream I seemed to be wielding a sword suddenly his eyes became dull. It turns out that dream is a disaster for those who believe in the battle of Uhud. Then I swing the sword once again and it came back good as before. Apparently it was the victory given by God and the unity of believers. In the dream I also saw a cow, God is good substance. Apparently it is (cue) a collection of believers in the battle of Uhud. But the goodness of God coming still later. Replies a faith given by God after the battle of Badr. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4217)  

    * Ibn Abbas narrated Hadith., He said:
 On a day Musailimah Al-Kadzab came to Medina at the time of the Prophet. and said: If Muhammad handed leadership sepeniggalnya me I would want to be followers. Musailimah Then come back (to Medina), together with some of his people, then the Prophet PBUH. by Thabit bin Qais bin syammas go see him holding a piece of palm midrib until he stood in front of his friends and their Musailimah ago said: Even if you ask me this piece of wood, nor would I give to you and I will not disobey God in dealing with you. If you turn away, Allah will membinasakanmu. Indeed I have been dreaming of you, and you have shown me in the dream. And this Thabit bin Qais who will give an answer to you. Then he moved away leaving Musailimah. Ibn Abbas said: I asked about the Prophet.: Behold I have dreamed of you and you have shown me in the dream. Then Abu Hurairah that the Prophet preached to me. He said: While I was sleeping I dreamed I saw a pair of gold bangles in my hands. A pair of bracelets is very caught my attention. In bed I got a revelation that blew a pair of these bracelets. After I blow it turns out a pair of bracelets are flying. I interpreted the dream to be the emergence of two first liar is after my departure from the area Unsi Shan `a and the second is from regional Musailimah Yamamah. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4218)

    * Hadith Samurah bin Jundub ra., He said:
 Prophet. after each prayed Fajr exposes his face to his companions and asked: Was there last night one of you is dreaming. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4220)

MUSLIM hadeeth.: Book of dhikr, prayer, penance and Istigfar.:

            1. Recommendation to remember (dhikr) of Allah Ta'ala
  • Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra., He said:
    Rasulullah (SAW) "Read Sholallohu `Alaihi Wassalam" Messenger of Allah. He said: Allah Ta'ala says: I am in accordance with the presupposition of my servant against me and I am always with him when he remembers Me. If he remembers Me in himself, then I also will remember it in my self. If he remembers Me in a congregation of people, then I also will remember it in a collection being better than them. When he approached me an inch, then I would approach it a single hour. When he approached me even one hour, then I'll approach it a litlle. And when he comes to Me walking, then I will come to him with a run. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4832)  
2.  About the names of Allah Ta'ala and the primacy of people who memorize.
    • Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra.:
      Nabi saw Prophet. He said: Allah has ninety-nine was a good name. Whoever is able to memorize it, then he will enter Paradise. Surely God is odd, and he likes the odd. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4835)
3.  Firm hearts in prayer and not praying with the words: If thou be pleased
    • Anas ra., He said:
      Rasulullah Sholallohu `Alaihi Wassalam (SAW) Messenger of Allah. he said: When one of you prays then he should be firm hearts in prayer and do all he prayed by saying: O Allah! If you are willing to then give me this. Surely God does not exist a force. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4837)
    • Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra.:
      The Messenger of Allah. said: When one of you pray, then let him say: O Allah! Forgive me if you are willing. But surely he meant the request and ask contemplates the great and noble (heaven or forgiveness), because God there is nothing big for him from what has been awarded.(Saheeh Muslim, No.4838) 
4.   Prohibition expect because of the calamities that befall death
    • Anas ra., He said:
      Rasulullah Sholallohu `Alaihi Wassalam (SAW). Messenger of Allah.He said: Let not one among you expect death because of the calamities that befall him and if he had to expect, he should say: O Allah! Quicken me as long as it's the best life for me, and I turn it off if the death was the best for me. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4840)
    • Khabbab Hadith ra.:
      Of Qais ibn Abu Hazim, who said: I came to see Khabbab who are suffering from burns on his stomach seven, then he said: Had the Prophet. not forbid us to apply the death I would have begged. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4842) 
    • Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra., He said:
      Rasulullah saw. Messenger of Allah. He said: Let not one among you expect death and do not request them before death came to pick her up. Indeed, if one of you dies then terputuslah deeds and real life of a believer it will add a good (for him). (Saheeh Muslim, No.4843)
5. Anyone who likes to meet Allah, Allah will love to meet her and anyone who does not like to see God, then God would not like to see him
    • Hadith Ubadah bin Saamit ra.:
      That Rasulullah saw. the messenger of Allah. said: Anyone who likes meeting with Allah, then Allah will love the meetings with him, and he who does not like meeting with God, then God would not like to meet him.(Saheeh Muslim, No.4844) 
    • A'ishah narrated Hadith., He said:
      Rasulullah Sholallohu `Alaihi Wassalam (SAW). Messenger of Allah.He said: He who like the meeting with Allah, then Allah will love to meet him. And he who does not like meeting with God, then God would not like to meet him. I asked: "O king, what about the hatred of death due to all of us hate death? Answer: Not exactly, but a believer when given the glad tidings of God's grace, pleasure and His paradise, then he will be happy to meet Allah and Allah will be pleased to meet him. And indeed infidels if advised of the punishment and wrath of God, then he will hate the meeting with God so that God would hate to meet him. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4845)
    • Hadith narrated by Abu Musa ra.:
      Nabi saw. Prophet. He said: He who like the meeting with Allah, Allah likes to meet him. And he who does not like meeting with God, then God would not like to meet him. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4848) 
6.  Makruh praying that soon descended on the world of torture.
    • Anas ra.: Anas ra.:
      That Rasulullah (SAW) "Read Sholallohu `Alaihi Wassalam". The Messenger of Allah. Muslims see a man who has been very weak so that (situation) like a baby bird. Rasulullah saw. Messenger of Allah. asked the man: Do you ever pray for something? The man replied: Yes, I prayed: O Allah! What would you torment me in the afterlife, then laksanakanlah soon in the world. Then Rasulullah saw the Messenger of Allah. said: Glory to God! You would not be strong or not will be able to bear it. Why do not you pray: O Allah! Give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and guard us from the torment of hell. He (Anas) said: The Messenger of Allah. pray to God for him so that God had healed him. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4853)
7. The virtue of remembrance assembly
    • Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra.:
      From the Prophet., He said: Verily Allah, the Almighty, Most High Bless has many angels who are always traveling in excess of charity recording angels, they are always looking for assemblies of remembrance. If they found one chamber of remembrance, then they'll come sit with them and surround with its wings up to meet the distance between them and the sky world. If the participants have been split up their assembly up toward the sky. He continues: Then Allah the Exalted, Most Great ask them when He is more aware than they are: Where did you all? They said: We come from the place of Thy servants in the world who are purify, exalt, raise, praise and plead with you. God asked again: What did they ask for to me? The angel replied: They beg Thy heaven. God asked again: Do they have never seen my heaven? The angel replied: Not to us O Lord. Allah says: Especially if they have seen my heaven? They said again: They also seek refuge in You. He asked whether they seek refuge From Me? The angels replied: From Hell You, O our Lord. God asked: Did they have seen my hell?  The angels replied: Not yet. Allah says: Especially if they've seen my hell? The angel continued: And they also beg forgiveness from you. He said then God says: I've already forgiven them and give them what they asked and I also have to provide protection to them from what they feared. He went on again and then the angels said: O our Lord! Among them are the so and so is a man full of sin that happened to pass by and sat participate remembrance with them. He said then God answered: I too have been forgiven because they are a people who will not be miserable people who come to sit with them. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4854)
8. Primacy read tahlil, read and pray prayer beads
    • Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra.:
      The Messenger of Allah. He said: He who read: "There is no god but Allah alone, Who has no partner for Him, belongs to Him all the kingdoms and belongs to Him all praise and He hath power over all things", every day as much as a hundred times, then he will get a reward equal to ten men freed slaves and will be recorded for him a hundred virtues and removed from it a hundred evils. For him it is a protection from evil from morning until evening. No one is more mainstream than people who do that unless people are more than that. Whoever reads: "Glory to God and to praise Him", as many as a hundred times every day, it will terhapuslah all his sins even if his sins were as much froth in the ocean. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4857)
    • Hadith narrated by Abu Ayyub al-Ansari ra.:
      Nabi saw. the Prophet, He said: Those who read: "There is no god but Allah alone, Who has no partner for Him, belongs to Him all the kingdoms and Him belongs all praise, and He has power over all things", as many ten times, then he's like a person who has been freeing four slaves from the son Ismail. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4859)
    • Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra., He said:
      Rasulullah saw. Messenger of Allah. He said: Two light sentences to be pronounced, but heavy in weight and favored by Allah the Most Compassionate, namely: "Glory to God in all His praise and Glory to Allah God Almighty." (Shahih Muslim No.4860) (Saheeh Muslim, No.4860)
9.  Prompts lowered his voice when dhikr.
    • Hadith narrated by Abu Musa ra., He said:
      When we were with the Prophet. on a journey, start to harden people their voice in reading the Takbir and then said to him: O people, humble voice you all! Because you all are not really appeal to the deaf and the supernatural even'm begging you all to the Lord of the Hearing, the Near Which is always with you all. I was at that time is behind him while saying: "Laa haula illa wa laa quwata billah", (There is no power and strength except with the help of God). Rasulullah (SAW) "Read Sholallohu `Alaihi Wassalam". Messenger of Allah. said: "O Abdullah bin Qais! Will you show me one of these heavenly riches are stored? I answered: Of course, Messenger of Allah. He also said: That is saying: "Laa haula illa wa laa quwata billah". (Saheeh Muslim, No.4873)
    • Hadith narrated by Abu Bakr ra.:
      Indeed he once said to the Messenger of Allah.: Teach me a prayer that will I read in salatku. Beliau bersabda: Bacalah! He said: Read it! "O Allah, verily I have wronged myself, a substantial abuse", according Qutaibah a lot of persecution, "And no one who can forgive sins but You. Give me mercy from Thyself, and have mercy on me, because actually You are the substance of the Most Forgiving, Most Merciful ". (Saheeh Muslim, No.4876)

10. Please protection from weakness, laziness and other

    * Anas bin Malik., He said: Messenger of Allah. used to pray: O Allah! I seek refuge in You from weakness, laziness, cowardice, waste age and the nature of avarice. I also take refuge in Thee from the torment of the grave and from the defamation of life and death. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4878)

11. Please protection from bad fate and misery as well as other

    * Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra.: That the Prophet. always seek refuge from the ugly fate, disaster misery, evil enemies and from a very severe ordeal. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4880)

12. Prayer when going to sleep and lay on top clash

    * Hadith Barra 'bin Azib ra.: The Messenger of Allah. said: When you want to lie down to where peraduanmu, then berwudulah such as ablution for prayer, then lie down on your right side and then read the prayer: (O Allah! Verily I surrender myself to you, and I submit all my business to you, and I my body lay before thee because of thy expect reward and fear of thy doom, no shelter and no others can save themselves but to return to You, I believe with thy book which thou hast revealed, and by thy prophets that you sent). Make it as you say the latter because if you die that night, then you have to die in a state of nature. (Barra ') said: I repeat the sentences to remember. I say: I believe in Thy messengers whom you sent. Messenger of Allah. He said: Say! I believe by Thy prophet, whom you sent. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4884) 

    * Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra.: The Messenger of Allah. said: When one of you all want to lie to his bed, then let him hold one end of the cloth and then kirapkanlah bed (dust) and read bismillah, because he did not know what was left on her bed after that. Then if he wanted to lie, then lie down on his right hand and read the prayer: "Glory to Thee, O God my Lord, for You I lay my body and I picked it precisely because you are. If you revoke my soul, so forgive him and if you let it go ( turn), then keep it as thou keep thy servants the righteous. " (Saheeh Muslim, No.4889)

13. Please protection from crimes committed and who has not done

    * Ibn Abbas narrated Hadith.: The Messenger of Allah. ever pray by reading: "O Allah, I surrender unto thy self, and unto thy I believe, against thy I bertawakkal and to you I'm back and with the (rescue) You I fight. O Allah, verily I take refuge with glory You, there is no god but You, for You do not mislead me, You are the Life and will not die is the jinn and humans are all going to die ". (Saheeh Muslim, No.4894) 

    * Hadith narrated by Abu Musa Al-Ash `ari ra.: That the Prophet. always pray by reading: "O Allah, forgive the error and folly, and also the attitude berlebihanku in all my business and all that you know better than me. O Allah, Forgive kesungguhanku and kelakarku, and ketidaksengajaanku and kesengajaanku and all that is on my side. O God , forgive sins I have done and which I have not done, which I do in secret and that I do openly, and all that You know better than me. You are the Preceding and the Supreme End and You are sovereign over all things " . (Saheeh Muslim, No.4896)  

    * Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra.: The Messenger of Allah. prayed: "There is no god but Allah, Lord of His army won, God help His servants, God defeated pagan groups, then there is nothing (the immortal) besides Him." (Saheeh Muslim, No.4903)

14. Hymn at the beginning of the day and when going to sleep

    * Hadith narrated Ali bin Abu Talib ra.:
Fatima complained that his hand (the injured) due to grain pestle. And the Prophet. get a prisoner (to be used as servants), the Prophet went to meet Fatima. but he did not see him but he met with Aisha, and his arrival diceritakanlah intent to Ayesha. When the Holy Prophet. came, Aisha told him about the arrival of Fatima. Prophet. immediately met us at the time we have been lying in bed, then we went over to him but got up to the Prophet. saying: Stay in your place! Then he sat between the two of us so I can feel in my chest cold of his feet. Then he said: Would you two have taught me something better than what you both want to ask is when you lay down to bed, read Takbir thirty-four times, prayer beads as many as thirty-three times and tahmid thirty-three times because it is better for you both than a servant. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4906)

15. Suggested prayer when he heard the rooster sound

    * Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra.: That the Prophet. He said: If ye hear the rooster crowing, then ask God for the gift of the real animals have been seen angel and if you all heard the whinny ass, then seek refuge in Allah from the temptation of the devil, because the animals have seen the devil. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4908)

16. Prayer when it hit trouble

    * Ibn Abbas narrated Hadith.: That the Prophet. when crushed by adversity, he prayed: "There is no god but Allah, the Supreme Court, Clement, there is no God but Allah, Lord of the Throne nan Has Great, there is no God but Allah, Lord of heaven, God's earth and God's Throne nan Majesty". (Saheeh Muslim, No.4909) 

17. Describe a person who prays will be granted as long as he does not quickly say: I have prayed but not granted

    * Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra.: The Messenger of Allah. He said: It will grant one's prayer among you all as long as he was in no hurry, saying: I've been praying, but I did not or has not been granted. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4916)

18. About a majority of the people of Paradise are the poor and the majority of experts and hell from the women about women defamation

    * Usama bin Zaid narrated Hadith ra., He said: Messenger of Allah. He said: I stand at the door of heaven, all of a sudden I see the majority who enter it are poor people and I also saw the rulers (the world) in a state of suspended, unless the Fire who had ordered them to enter hell. And I also stood at the door of hell, it turns out the majority who enter it are from women. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4919)
    * Imran ibn Husayn narrated Hadith ra.: The Messenger of Allah. He said: Surely the least occupied paradise are women. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4921) 
    * Usama bin Zaid narrated Hadith ra., He said: Messenger of Allah. He said: I did not leave any one slander after me is more harmful to men than women. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4923)

19. The story of three people and tawasul cave dwellers with good deeds

    * Hadith narrated Abdullah bin Umar ra.: From the Messenger of Allah., He said: When three young men were walking, it suddenly rained and they were sheltering in a cave located in the belly of the mountain. Suddenly, a boulder fell from the mountain over the mouth of the cave is finally locked them up. Then some of them said to the other part: Remember the good deeds you've done for God, then ask God to charity so that God was pleased to move the big stone. One of them prayed: O Allah, indeed, though I have both parents who have advanced age, a wife and several young children in which I was the one who cares for them. After I ternakku impound the animals, milking them and I immediately started with my parents prior to me Drinks before my children. One day I was too far away to find wood (fuel) which can not be returned except in the afternoon when I met my parents already soundly asleep. I was soon to milk as usual and then bring the milk cow. I stood near the head of my parents because they do not want to wake them from sleep but I did not want my children to drink before they were when they were screaming hunger beneath my feet. And that's how things were with them until dawn. If you know that I expect the pleasure of doing it for you, then open the little fissures is to us so that we can see the sky. Then God created the fissures is so they can see the sky. The others then pray: O Allah, indeed, though I never have a brother who is a daughter uncle I love, like his love of a man against a woman. I begged him to give himself up but he refused unless I gave it a hundred dinars. I was struggling until I failed to collect a hundred dinars which I immediately gave him. When I was in between her legs (groin) he said: O servant of Allah, fear Allah and do not be claimed virginity except by legitimate marriage first. Immediately I went left. If you know that I'm doing it to seek thy good pleasure, create a fissures is more for us. Then Allah will make a fissures is more to them. Others prayed: O Allah, I never hire a worker with wage retail sixteen rice (paddy). When he had finished his work, he said, 'Give me my wages! Then I was handed over wages, amounting to sixteen retail rice but he refused. Then I continued to plant rice so that I can collect some cows following the herdsman of the rice it. One day she came again to me and said: Fear God and do not dhalim to my rights! I answered: Come the cows following the herdsman then take it all! He said: Fear God and do not be making fun of me! I also said again to him: Verily I do not poke your banter, take the cows follows the herdsman! Then he picked it up and taken away. If you know that I expect the pleasure of doing it for you, then open to us a little fissures is nothing left. Finally, God opened the remaining fissures. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4926)



1. Recommendation to repent and have fun with it.

  • Abdullah bin Masud narrated Hadith ra.:
    He said: I heard the Messenger of Allah. He said: Truly God would prefer to receive repentance of His servants who believe than someone who was in a dangerous badlands along with animal mounts that bring supplies of food and drink. Then he slept and then when the horse is awake animal was found to have disappeared. He was soon to find until you feel thirsty then he said to himself: Should I go back into place and sleep there until I die. Then he sleeps with his head resting on the arm to the death. But when he woke up he found an animal horse has been at his side along with supplies of food and beverages. God is more pleased with the repentance of a servant of the believer, rather than this kind of person who found the back of animal mounts and his lunch. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4929)
  • Anas bin Malik., He said:
    Rasulullah Messenger of Allah. He said: Truly God would prefer to receive repentance of His servant when he repents to Him than (pleasure) an among you all that riding his camel in the desert area is very barren, and camels were released to bring supplies of food and drink run and gave up hopes to get back. Then he walked past a tree lying under the shade because it has been desperate to get the camel riding. When he was in such circumstances, he suddenly finds his camel was standing in front. Then he immediately pulled the reins while the camel was very happy in a state of utter: O Allah, You are my servant and I am thy God. He was wrong to say because it was too excited. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4932).
2. About the magnitude of Allah Ta'ala affection that always precedes His wrath.
  • Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra.:
    That the Rasulullah Prophet. He said: When God created mankind, God has written in his note book in his hand above the arsh that really love me beat my wrath. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4939)
  • Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra., He said:
    I heard the Messenger of Allah. He said: God has made His affection is divided into a hundred pieces. He kept ninety nine parts with Him and lose one part of the earth.  From one part of the creatures that love each other so that a mother-loving animals raises his claws from his son for fear of harming it.  (Saheeh Muslim, No.4942)
  • Hadith of Umar bin Khattab ra.:
    That he came to the Prophet.  by bringing some of captives. Among the captives were seen a woman looking for, then if he got a baby among the captives he immediately took the baby and then mendekapkannya into the stomach for feeding. Then the Messenger of Allah. said to us: What do you all, whether this woman would throw her child into the fire? We answer: No, by God, whereas he was able to not throw it. Rasulullah saw. Messenger of Allah. He said: Truly Allah loves His servants than this woman to her child. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4947)
  • Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra.:
    The Messenger of Allah. He said: There is a man who has never made one good anything said to her family if she dies, then let them burn her body and then spread half of his ashes to the mainland and the half of it toward the ocean. By Allah! If if God's power upon it, He will torture him with the punishment which he has never seized to a single person in this world. Then when the person died they immediately realize what was ordered. Then Allah ordered the mainland to collect the ashes are scattered to him, and ordered the sea to collect her ashes are scattered. Then Allah says: Why are you doing this?  The man replied: For fear of Thee, O Lord, You know better though. Then God forgives the person.  (Saheeh Muslim, No.4949).
  • Hadith narrated by Abu Said Al-Khudri ra.:
    From the Prophet. that a man among the people before you have God blessed wealth and offspring, and then he told his children: You all must do what I command if not then I will transfer my inheritance to someone else property. As far as my knowledge that person also said: Then beat until smooth (the ash) and tebarkanlah wind direction because I did not save any one virtue on the side of God when God is able to torture me. Then he took a deal with them. For God's sake, they even carry out the order. God asked him: What made you do that?  The man answered: Fear of You. So, the reason it works is nothing but because of fear of Allah. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4952). 
3. Receipt of repentance from all sin, though sin and penance done many times.
  • Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra:
    From the prophet sholallohu `alaihi wassalam. about which he riwayatkan from his Lord, he said: A slave to one sin and then prayed: "O Allah, forgive my sins." Allah Ta'ala says: My servant has committed sin and he knows that he has a God who would forgive sin or it will punish sin. Then the person to repeat a sin, then prayed again: "O my Lord, forgive my sins. Allah Ta'ala says: My servant has committed sin and he knows that he has a God who would forgive sin or punish the sin. Then the person is committing the sin again, then pray: O God, forgive my sins. Allah Ta'ala says: My servant has committed sin and he knows that he has a God who would forgive sin or punish the sin and did according as you please, because I really have forgiven you. Abdul-A `la said: I do not know if God said," did according as you please "on the third or fourth time.(Saheeh Muslim, No.4953).
4. About the jealousy of Allah Ta'ala and indecency ban.
  • Abdullah bin Masud narrated Hadith ra., He said:
    Rasulullah saw. Messenger of Allah. He said: No one is more like a compliment than God then that's why He praised his own substance. And no one is more jealous than Allah then so God forbid indecency. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4955).

  • Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra., He said:
    Rasulullah saw. Messenger of Allah. He said: Verily Allah is jealous and envious of people who believe as well. Jealousy of God, that if a believer does what is forbidden. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4959)
5. Word of Allah Ta'ala: Verily good deeds erase bad deeds sin.
  • Abdullah bin Masud narrated Hadith ra.:
    That a man had kissed a woman, and people came to the Prophet. to tell this to him. Then came a verse: And be steadfast in prayer that the second edge of the day (morning and evening) and at the beginning portion of the night. Indeed good deeds that takes away the sin of bad deeds. That's the warning for people who want to remember. He was asked: Does this verse for me, Messenger of Allah? Rasulullah saw Messenger of Allah. He said: For anyone among my people who do that. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4963)
  • Anas ra., He said:
    A man came to the Prophet. then said: O Messenger of Allah! I have broken the law hudud, then laksanakanlah punishment on me! Then came the prayer time and he, too, prayed with the Prophet. After finishing the prayer, the man said again: O Messenger of Allah! Indeed I have broken the law hudud, then punishment of God upon me! Rasulullah saw. Messenger of Allah. asked: Do you participate salat with us? The man answered: Yes! Rasulullah saw. Messenger of Allah.  He said: You are forgiven. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4965).
6. Receipt of repentance a murderer, although it has a lot of killing.
  • Hadith narrated by Abu Said Al-Khudri ra.:
    That the Prophet. He said: Among the nations before you all, there is a man who had murdered ninety-nine persons. Then he asked about the inhabitants of the world's most knowledgeable, then he is shown to be a priest. He also went to the pastor and said that he had killed ninety-nine persons, whether repentance be accepted? The priest replied: No! Then the priest dibunuhnyalah thus completing one hundred murders. Then he asked again about the inhabitants of the world's most knowledgeable and presented to an alim who immediately said kepadnya that he had killed a hundred people, if repentance be accepted? The pious man replied: Yes, and who can hinder one's repentance!  Go to the some country because there are people who always worship Allah and worship God with them and do not return to the land because land was the land filled with evil! The man was then left, until when he has reached the half way death came to pick her up. And fight the angel of mercy and angel of doom about it. Angel of mercy said: He came in a state of repentance and facing wholeheartedly to God. Angel of punishment said: He had never done one good deed too. Then came an angel who incarnated as a man approached them that they soon adopted as a mediator. He said: Measure the distance between two of the country, the country where it more closely, it becomes hers. Then they measure it and get that person closer to the country that will be aimed so that he by an angel taken its grace. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4967).
7. About repentance acceptable to falsehood and those who accuse.
  • A'ishah narrated Hadith., Wife of the Prophet. he said:
    When the Messenger of Allah. going out on a journey always held a raffle among his wives and who among those who came out undiannya, then the Messenger of Allah. will depart with him. Aisha said: The Messenger of Allah. gambled between us to determine who will participate in the war and it turns out undianku so I went with the Messenger of Allah.It happened after being unloaded hijab verse (Al-Ahzab verse 53) where I was brought in sekedup and placed there during our trip.  On a night when the Messenger of Allah. complete fight and go home and we have been approached Medina, he gave the cue to depart. I immediately got up after hearing them announce the departure and went to far left the army. After carrying out intent, I'm going straight to the camel tungganganku but when touching the chest, it was my necklace made of pearls Zifar broken. I went back to look for my necklace so restrained because of the search. While the people in charge they have been raised sekedup took it and put it onto the backs of ordinary untaku I ride because they thought I had was in it.  He adds: The women at that time was light and slender bodied covered not much meat as they only consume less food so that those people do not feel the weight of sekedup when they lifted it onto the camel. Apalagi ketika itu aku anak perempuan yang masih belia. Especially when I was a young girl. They were soon moved the camel and go. I just found the necklace after the army passed. Then I went to their place of rest, but no one was there. Then I headed to a place which was originally in the hope they will feel lost and come back to pick me up. When I was sitting at my place of sleep to beat me so that I fell asleep. Apparently there Muaththal Shafwan bin Az-As-Sulami Dzakwani left behind so that the new troops can depart in the evening and next morning he arrived at my place. He saw a black shadow like a man who was sleeping and then he went and immediately recognize when saw me because he never saw me before the required hijab. I was awakened by his words, "wa inna inna lillaahi ilaihi Raji` Uun "when he recognized me. I quickly covered my face with a veil and for the sake of Allah, he did not ask me to speak a word and I did not hear a single word from him other than saying "wa inna inna lillahi ilaihi Raji` Uun ". Then he menderumkan his camel and trample his legs, so I can ride. And he also went up, leading his camel which I ride until we can catch up troops who were sheltering in the middle of a very hot day. So woe to those who have accused me of being in which the greatest role is Abdullah bin Ubay bin Salul. Until we arrived in Medina and I was immediately sick arrival there for a month. While people crowded news-makers to discuss allegations a lie and I do not know anything about it. Which makes me nervous during illness is that I no longer feel the softness of the Prophet. which is usually felt when I was sick. Rasulullah saw. Messenger of Allah. just go to see me, say hello, then asked: How are you? It made me nervous, but I do not feel the ugliness, until when I came out after recovering together Umm Misthah defecation into places where we were just out there on the night before we build a place of throw dirt (WC) near the houses us. Our habit just like the Arabs before the waste water. We feel disturbed by these places off near our house. I also went to Umm Misthah, a daughter of Abu Ruhum bin Muttalib ibn Abdi Manaf and his mother was the daughter Shakher ibn Amir, the aunt of Abu Bakar Sidik. His son named Misthah bin Utsatsah bin Abbad bin Muttalib. I and the daughter of Abu Ruhum headed straight toward my house after completion urinate. Umm Misthah suddenly slipped in clothes that cover her body from her mouth so that terucaplah sentence: Woe Misthah! I said to him: How bad what you say! Are you cursing people who have participated in the battle of Badr? Umm Misthah said: O my lord, do not you hear what he said?  I answered: What did he say? Umm Misthah then told me of alleged hoax makers so that the illness getting worse. When I returned home, the Messenger of Allah. entry to see me, he greeted and asked: How are you? I say: Do you let me go to my parents? At that moment I wanted to convince the news from my parents. Once the Messenger of Allah. gave me permission, I immediately went to my parents' house. Once there, I asked his mother: "O my mother, what people say about me?  She said: O my son, calm down! By Allah, there is rarely a very beautiful woman who loved her husband and had some honey, but certainly a lot of dirty news thrown to him. I said: Holy God Almighty! Is it setega people talking about me? I cried that night until the morning did not stop my tears flowed and I could not sleep well. In the morning, I was still crying. Some time later the Prophet. called Ali bin Abu Talib and Usama bin Zaid to discuss divorce with his wife when the revelation does not go down. Usama bin Zaid to give consideration to the Messenger of Allah. in accordance with what he knew about the cleanliness of his wife (the charges) and based on love in him what he knew of the Prophet family. He said: O Messenger of Allah, they are family and we do not know from them except goodness. Meanwhile, Ali bin Abu Talib said: May Allah not suffocating your heart in this matter, many women other than she (Aisha). If you ask the slave girl (Ayesha housekeeper) he would give the correct information. Then the Messenger of Allah. call Barirah (jariyah in question) and asked: O Barirah! Did you ever see something that makes you hesitate about Aisha? Barirah answer: For substances that have been sent to bring the truth! There are no bad things that I see from him except that Ayesha was a young woman who is still young, who used to sleep next to the family bread dough and then came the cattle feed that dough. Kemudian Rasulullah saw. Then the Messenger of Allah.standing on a pulpit require proof of Abdullah bin Ubay bin Salul. Above the pulpit, the Messenger of Allah. He said: O Muslims, who want help from someone who has the heart to hurt the family? By Allah!  I know in my family is good. People have also mentioned a man who I know well. He never went to see my family (my wife), except with me. So stand Saad bin Muaz Al-Ansari and said: I'll help you from that person, O Messenger of Allah. If he is from the class of Aus, I'll chop off his neck and if he is of our brothers from the group Khazraj, then you can order me and I will execute your command. Hearing it, stand Saad bin Ubadah. He is a class leader and a man who Khazraj well but his temper got out of a sense fanatical faction. He said targeted at the Saad bin Muaz: You are wrong! By Allah, thou shall not kill and will not be able to kill him! Then Usaid Hudhair bin Saad bin Muaz cousin, stood up and said to Sa'd ibn Ubadah: You are wrong! By Allah, we will definitely kill him! You are the hypocrites who argue for defending the hypocrites. The two groups, namely anger Aus and Khazraj, so that they almost hit each other fight and the Prophet.  still standing on the platform continues to meredahkan their emotions until they are silent and their Prophet. diam. silent. In the meantime, I cried all day, my tears did not stop flowing and I did not feel deep in sleep. I still cry at the next night, my tears did not stop flowing and also do not feel comfortable sleeping. Both my parents thought that it would split tears my heart. When my parents were sitting beside me who was still crying, came a woman Ansar asked for permission to see me. I gave him permission and he sat down and cried. By the time we're in such circumstances, the Messenger of Allah. masuk. entrance. He gave a greeting and sat down. He had never sat next to me since there were allegations of absurd to me, when a month has passed without any revelation come down to him about, Messenger of Allah. creed say syahadat the time to sit and then said: Next. Hi Ayesha, had actually reached me various allegations about you. If you are clean, surely God will cleanse you of the charges. But if you indeed have sinned, ask God's forgiveness and repent to Him. Because, when a servant confessed his sin and then repent, surely God will accept the repentance. When the Messenger of Allah. finished talking, my tears were gone, so I do not feel one tetespun fall. Then I said to my father: Please answer me to the Messenger of Allah. about what he said. My father said: By Allah, I do not know what should I say to the Messenger of Allah.Then I said to my mother: Please answer me to the Messenger of Allah.!My mother also said: By Allah, I do not know what to say to the Messenger of Allah. So I said: I was a young woman who is still young. I do not read much of the Koran. By Allah, I know that you have heard all this, to get into your heart, you even believe it. If I say to you, that I'm clean and God knows that I'm clean, you might as well not believe me. And if I admitted it in front of you, but God knows that I'm clean, sure you will believe me. By Allah, I do not find the right metaphor for me and for you, except as the father of the Prophet Joseph said: Patience is a good that is patience. And God alone is His help is sought against what you describe. Then I moved and was lying in my bed. By Allah, by then I was sure I was clean and God will show my clean. But, really I do not expect to be sent down revelations about persoalanku. I think persoalanku too trivial to talk about Allah Ta'ala with the revelation that was revealed.  However, I hope that the Messenger of Allah. dreamed that God would cleanse me of slander it. Messenger of Allah. yet again left his seat and none of the contents of the house came out, when Allah Ta'ala down His revelation to the Prophet. Tampak Rasulullah saw. Looks Prophet. feel exhausted as usual when he received a revelation, until he sweat bertetesan like pearls in the winter, because the weight of the word which was revealed to him. When that case was lost from the Prophet. (Revelation has been completed down), then with a laugh the first words he said were: Rejoice, O Aisha, Allah has cleanse yourself from the accusation. Then my mother said to me: Arise! Embrace him! I said: By Allah, I will not wake up to welcome him. I'll just praise thanks to God.  It was he who had lowered the Qur'anic verse which states of my holly. Allah Ta'ala down verse: Those who bring news of a lie it is of you, too, and ten the next paragraph. Allah revealed the verses that states kebersihanku. Abu Bakr who originally always provide livelihood to Misthah because of kinship and poverty, at the time said: By Allah, I will no longer give him the slightest living forever, after what he said to Aisha. As a reprimand for saying it, Allah revealed the verse next verse: And let not those who have excess and spaciousness of you, swear that they will not give aid to their kinsfolk, poor people arrive at his word: 'Have you do not wish that God forgive you. (Hibban bin Musa said: Abdullah ibn Mubarak said: This is the verse that most I hoped for in the Book of God). Then Abu Bakr said: By Allah, of course I really want the forgiveness of God. Furthermore, he (Abu Bakr) giving back to normal living to Misthah and said: I'm not going to stop giving it a living for forever. Ayesha went on: Messenger of Allah. once asked Zainab bint Jahsy, wife of the Prophet. about persoalanku: What do you know? Or what do you think? Zainab said: Messenger of Allah, I always keep hearing and vision (of the things that are not feasible). By Allah, I know only the good. Aisha said: Though he was the rival beauty from among the wives of the Prophet. Allah bestowed on him with an attitude warak (distanced themselves from the immoral and dubious case) and start his sister, namely Hamnah bint Jahsy, defending it with a sense of fanatics (ie follow what is said by spreading false story maker.) And woe to he and the people who get hurt. (Saheeh Muslim, No.4974)